Komp Permata Kota Blok N9
Jl. P. Tubagus Angke Raya No.170
Jakarta-Utara 14450

Phone. +62-21-666 71596
Fax. +62-21-666 96562



  1. Shipping Agency for Load and Discharge General Cargo, Heavy Lift/Project Cargo, Dry Bulk Cargo and Liquid Cargo.
  2. Stevedoring Service.
  3. Providing Grabs, Buckets, Barge, Floating Crane for loading at anchorage or alongside (Especially at Sumatera and Kalimantan Island).

    Grabs and Bucket in Sumatera island :
    Touch Bottom Grab Cap 6 Cbm
    Touch Bottom Grab Cap 8 Cbm
    Bucket Cap 20 Mt

    Grabs in Kalimantan island :
    Remote Control Grab Cap 6 Cbm / 5.5 Mt (Can Be Adjusted to 4.5 Cbm)
    Remote Control Grab Cap 8 Cbm / 8.3 Mt (Can Be Adjusted to 6 Cbm / 4.5 Cbm)
    Remote Control Grab Cap 10 Cbm / 8.5 Mt (Can Be Adjusted to 8 Cbm / 6 Cbm)
  4. Vessel and Cargo Broker.
  5. Owner Protective Agent.
  6. Supply Bunker Service.
  7. Logistic Handling.
  8. International and Domestic Freight Forwarding.

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